Sri Lanka is home to many endemic and migrant birds. There are bird sanctuaries and national parks with numerous birds and wild elephants live freely. The different climes of the island hosts different types of birds and beasts.
The golden beaches of Sri Lanka is a destination for sea turtles facing extinction. The visit to the turtle hatchery would be the pinnacle of the journey. The visits to the ancient temples and safari tours among the free roaming wild elephants will be the adventures of a lifetime.
The natural rain forest filled with exotic flowers and streams of crystal clear water awaits you. The journey through the central hills to safari rides in the national parks will show you the rich eco diversity of the island.
Handsome tuskers of wild Indian elephants roaming free and the poor orphaned baby elephants will keep your heart beating to the cultural drums of Sri Lanka. The cool climes of the central hills and the botanical gardens and nature parks filled with exotic fauna and flora will be your ultimate entertainment in this journey around the island.
Sri Lanka is an island of rich culture true to the Asian customs and norms of Buddhism. The historical places will entrance your knowledge of heritage in Asia. The orphaned elephants and wild elephants will take your heart away. The unforgettable beauty of nature in its purity can be experienced with the sighting of endemic flora and fauna of the country.
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